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Alternative Bailiff provides a wide range of services throughout Western Canada.

Each of our services is detailed on the associated pages and you can retrieve documents necessary to enact these services underneath each associated page.

Using our Service Forms

An image of the Garage Keepers Lein Warrant page.

Each service includes the relevant forms in hierarchy on the left hand menu.

Each of the forms requires Adobe Acrobat to be read, completed, signed and submitted.

Clicking the appropriate link will bring you to the relevant page with a link to download / open the form, or to download Adobe Acrobat.

It is recommended that you update to the most recent version of Acrobat before conducting any procedure.

Parts of the PDF may not display in browser.  Save/Download and Open the file in Acrobat directly.

You should open the document in Adobe Reader, not your browser.  Some browsers will give you the option to do this directly.

If you cannot easily open the document from your browser, save the document to your computer and then open it using Adobe Reader.

Digital Signatures

A digital signature confirms your identity and secures the document to ensure the party who created and submitted it.

The digital signature portion at the end of an Alternative Bailiff PDF document

Click the link to begin the signatory process in Adobe Reader, creating yourself a certfied digital signature or attaching your already generated signature.

Once this is done you can save the PDF and email it either manually or via Adobe Reader.

Attaching the signed PDF to email.

Clicking attach will start your email client and present the following dialogue:

The dialogue where you may select to send a copy (not just a link) of the PDF to Alternative Bailiff.

Selecting Send Copy ensures Alternative Bailiff Services Ltd. receives the digitally signed copy of your PDF.

Creating your Digital Signature

A very straight forward process, this section assumes you have no experience creating or using a digital signature.

When you click the Signature space in a signable PDF, you will be presented with the option of creating a new signature or attaching an existing signature.

Attach an existing signature or create a new signature.

For the purposes of this example, we'll be showing the creation of a new signature.

Selecting digital id file means you will create a signature file.

Creating a signature file allows you to register your signature with your copy of Windows, or create a separate file with your signature within.
We suggest using the PKCS#12 method so that it can be moved to a diffferent computer in the future.

A form is presented for your details

Fill the form out with your details:

The completed demonstration form.

Once you've completed the form with all your details, you may set the Key Algorithm (strength of the encryption) and the Use of the file.
These details can be left alone if you are not concerned.  Their default properties are more than enough to ensure the security and safety of your document and identity.

The next step is to give your digital signature a password to prevent its misuse.  This is a password only you (or whomever is responsible for the signature) should know.

Give the digital signature a password to prevent it being used by somebody else.

Note the File Name field.  You can click Browse to save the file to a more comfortable location upon your computer, or leave it at its default location if you feel it is adequete.

Once you've assigned a password to the signature, the file is created and the next step is to actually sign the file with your new digital signature.

Last step is to sign the document.

Remember to check mark 'Lock Document After Signing' to ensure that the document is locked and cannot be altered after signing.

Once signed, Acrobat will ask you to save the signed copy.

Once Signed, Acrobat will ask that you save the now signed and locked file to your computer.  Choose a file name and folder that you are comfortable with.

Your signature appears on the document.

That's all there is to it.  You have signed your document.  In this case the first name of Demon Stration appears with the respective details as filled in the form.
The document is locked, encrypted and ready to be emailed to Alternative Bailiff Services Ltd.


To review:

You choose to create or attach a signature.  In creating a signature, you

  • Choose how to store your digital signature
  • Fill out a form with your signatory details
  • Set a password upon your digital signature
    (can choose where to store it by clicking Browse)
  • Sign the document
    (providing the password, then locking and saving the document).